I just posted this on an adhd support group that I am in and thought I would share it here too and maybe it could help someone out. I was the person against ADHD medication too. But my eyes were open by professionals and scientific facts after gaining more knowledge about adhd and the brain. As well when you actually live with it, you learn the most.
Oh and if you are one of these person who thinks ADHD isn't real then I'll kindly ask you to step off now. I don't have time or patience for sheer ignorance anymore.
People forget how far modern medicine has come and what it has achieved. We sure are thankfful for antibiotics when we have infections and sickness that our bodies can't fight off aren't we? ADHD meds specifically have a bad rap. I am holistic minded and fought the meds for years. A pediatrician finally explained how it is supposed to work where I understood it. He said the medication speeds up the frontal lobe of the brain so that it is in sync with the rest of the brain. He said when you have epilepsy you take medicine. When you have a heart condition you take medicine. When you have difficulty seeing you wear corrective lenses. When you have true ADHD you take medicine. He suggested that we weigh the pros and cons of the medication. So we did and we decided that helping him with his behaviours and being able to think ahead as well as social skills to actually make friends was highly important, so I gave the medication a shot. It worked within a day or two! The improvements for him in school and socially have improved by about 80%. Yes there are small side effects such as depressed appetite and mornings and nights are the most difficult times of the day. Without the medication he wouldn't be able to excel in school nor make friendships which is vital for a childs self esteem. His health is important as well and we have seen very little side effects. It's worth it! Take note though that sometimes it takes trying a few different kinds before finding one that works, much like finding the right corrective lens. Do we hope for a natural way to treat it that is effective? Absolutely, we are always researching. Do we focus on healthy nutrition? Of course, not only is it nourishing his brain and body but it helps manage symptoms. There are many factors in managing adhd and medication is an important part of that equation.

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