Birthdays Galore!

Shortly after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years, we celebrate 2 birthdays in our family back to back (after Malachi was born, I informed Vince he was officially cut off for all the months of April). On Friday Malachi is turning 7 years old and on Saturday Kayla is celebrating her first decade/double digits....WOWZERS!! I still can't believe she is turning 10!! We are celebrating as a family tomorrow night making homemade pizzas and then Vince and I will be their servers... any ideas for a restaurant name? We will of course enjoy cake and presents... and maybe a movie night or some sledding depending on if we have enough snow :-) I usually postpone their friend birthday parties until the end of January for obvious reasons.
Kayla will be going to The Art Studios in Waterloo with a bunch of giggly girls and make some kind of clay art, she has been talking about it for months!.
This has been a significant year for Malachi since he has developed some great friendships, so we are going to celebrate... just haven't decided what we are doing just yet. Not only that but the kids are going to go on a mini vacation with their cousins to an indoor waterpark in about a week... talk about a pretty awesome month for them!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 1:28 PM , 1 Comment