So before becoming a baby machine and spending the last 8 1/2 years as a stay at home mother, I was a personal fitness trainer. Everyone has something that they have the potential to be incredible at doing- and personal training/fitness is that for me- I call it "in my zone". It is the one area that I was the professional and a leader in the making. I led the learn to run clinic and developed and implemented personal fitness programming for women- it was very fullfilling. Children change everything don't they? Once I had Kayla- I quickly realized I wanted to be at home with her full time. So I gave up my career for a season. Along came Malachi and then Colin and here I am.... after 3 pregnancies and quite a few years later and I am 55 Ibs heavier
and very much out of shape. All my certifications are null- you have to keep them up on a yearly basis to maintain your credentials. So it may seem depressing at times when I think about it, one thing I do know is my determination is rising up again. It's time to take care of myself and get back into shape. With my youngest going to kindergarten in September, I am actually going to have some free time on a daily basis and I am extremely excited to get back to the gym. I'd like to record my journey on here and maybe some pictures if I'm brave to show my progress. I'll try to be candid about my feelings because I think it's important to be aware of how emotions play a part- I'll blog about that can of worms sometime in the near future as well. Keep an eye out for my first workout related post in September :-) What do you consider is your zone?

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