bold and bright

I have discovered a love for photography since I've had children and I can't wait to register for a digital SLR photography course at Conestoga just for recreational purposes (hoping for September- cross my fingers).... better start saving for that canon rebel I want!

Here are a couple links to my favourite photographer's blogs

I love Kelly's approach because it is so clear, bold and bright! Her style is contemporary with a twist- she doesn't just do expected posing.

I love Trish's photography because it is just amazing! She has done some work for us and exceeded our expectations both times. She is award winning and I think you'll see why!


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What about you?

I for one am a much better writer than I am speaker- no contest! I need time to internalize what people say to me and more importantly I need to make sure I've heard properly before I respond. So "quick thinker" definetely isn't on my list of strengths- which doesn't mean I am not smart, it just means my thought process needs time :-) I have a mild bilateral hearing loss- which means both ears are affected and a loss of around 26 to 45 decibels. It also means that my speech and language development was affected as a child and may be on a small level even now.
My husband even told me I write better than I speak :-) Of course I do- ever heard of the delete button? LOL It is also much easier for me to express my thoughts on paper because I have time to organize and articulate my thoughts. Anything that involves spontaneity (debating or impromptu) is more difficult for me.

Humourous aspects of a hearing loss

You find you don’t hear what you used to pretend you didn’t hear.

Your friends will trust you with a secret. But, you probably didn’t hear it in the first place.

People appreciate that they don’t have to talk about you behind your back; as long as they keep smiling while they face you.

You can't hear your partner snoring anymore.

If your home is under the flight path of a major airport

So how about you? What are you better at, writing or speaking?

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Thursday Thirteen!


1)The experience of delivering a new life to the world is exhilirating. If you are afraid of the pain in childbirth, there is this lovely thing called an epidural!

2)The world doesn't revolve around me and my desires- having children teaches you to recognize and nuture the needs in someone outside yourself.

3)You get to experience the innocence of being a child again- reading your favourite books, watching favourite movies, ice skating, tobaggoning..... fun!

4)baby feet! what is cuter than that!

5)there is nothing more desirable than the father of your children- you will fall in love with him all over again.

6)children will ignite a love on the inside of you that you couldn't imagine existed

7)ever watch a baby sleep? they are angels fresh from God

8)children will inspire you to be a better person- they will help soften your hard edges

9)spontaneous laugh attacks- comical relief when life gets to serious!

10)learn patience and the art of negotiation and persuasion LOL

11)unconditional love and lots of hugs and kisses- your kids see the best in you

12)your kids are not only a reflection of you, but they make you examine who you are and what you say and do

13)create family- fulfilling, rewarding and a little bit of heaven on earth

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others’ comments. It’s easy, and fun!

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