He loves me inspite of....

I am possibly the WORST choice for a housewife, and thankfully Vince married me anyways with that knowledge :-P ( I believe Vince was warned by multiple members of my family about my slobbishness) I'll find ANYTHING to distract me from cleaning and cooking. Organization is probably my biggest weakness or could it be that procrastinating is my biggest strength?! Whatever the case, I know these are things that drive my husband bonkers!! It's a good thing I am a hotshot wife and mother to make up for it :-) It isn't that I sit on my arse all day.... I am actively involved with my kids school, homework, reading, extracurriculars, healthy nutrition/grocery shopping etc.. plus I don't mind mowing the lawn or running errands but I'll have to agree that I lack greatly in time management skills. I am blessed to have an amazing husband who loves me inspite of my inadequacies and yet I am not a fool I know he desires and prays for me to become more domesticated since I am the stay at home parent. I do believe I am S L O W L Y improving on this front, especially because my desire for healthy eating is inspiring me to cook more often- one word= EPICURE... seriously makes it eAsy baby! Vince cannot comprehend how I can function in the midst of chaos but I'll let ya all on a little secret.... I LOVE when the house is organized, clean and smelling fresh *GASP!*... it is just an area that I see the need to improve in (everyone has shortcomings) and anyone who says they prefer chaos is probably lying :-p
Cheers to my Vince for his grace and patience for me!

Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 5:04 PM , 0 Comments