ONE of my higher love languages is called gifts- I enjoy both giving them and recieving them :-) But don’t mistake this love language for materialism; I thrive on love, thoughtfullness and effort behind a gift- it is simply a tangible way for me to show and recieve love. For me the perfect gift/gesture shows that I am known, cared for, and cherished- it's all about the thought behind it. Now that being said, I'd like to talk a bit about Christmas giving. Presents don't need to be expensive to send a powerful message of love- they can be created! Now if I am being brutally honest I would have to admit that I have some pretty expensive (I prefer to call it "fine") taste.... I know, I know it's shocking! lol... yet my favourite gifts from my husband and kids have been songs, poems, jewellery and pictures they have created for me from the heart and cost very little to no money.
Please do not put gifts you cannot afford on credit cards- I am confident that most people would feel awful knowing they were given something that wasn't even payed for yet. For some giving gifts at Christmas becomes almost mechanical,a chore or even a feeling of obligation....if this happens, it is worth stepping aside for a few moments to consider why exactly you give gifts at Christmas. It shouldn't be a stressful and miserable thing.
The art of giving is really knowing the love language of your loved one and giving based on that. Happy hunting and creating!

Monday, December 13, 2010 at 5:47 PM , 1 Comment