Thursday Thirteen!

13 everyday little happenings that colour me happy!

1) a hot shower finally at 3 in the afternoon

2) a clean pair of underwear!

3) first coffee of the day

4) a good teethbrushin'

5) smooth shaven legs and pits!!

6) homemade love letters/art from my kids (with a kid like Kayla, I get something almost everyday <3)

7) trimmed toenails and fingernails

8) sitting on the back porch soaking up the sunshine

9) smooches and bear hugs from my boys!

10) reading and cuddling with all 3 of my kiddoes for bedtime

11) smell of fresh clean laundry (I use shaklee detergent and it smells sooooo good!)

12) fruit/yogurt/granola parfait for breakfast

13) last but not least- a phone call or mail from family and friends (few and far between!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 8:22 AM , 3 Comments

It's Time for a Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Hey everyone, this will be my first time participating in the Ultimate Blog Party!! It is being put on by the lovely ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom. My friends at Shasher's Life and Mom's Musings talked about it so much, that I wanted to join in!!

I'll be serving chocolate and strawberry dacquiri's! Cheers!

Tidbits about me.....

-Love sports and outdoors- running, swimming, biking, white water kayaking and many more :-)

-I am a stay at home mom, so blogging is like a lifeline!! lol

-a serious chocolate addict. I've thought about giving up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter.

-don't consider myself to be a crafty women- but I do enjoy cardmaking and scrapbooking, as well I am am quite the shutterbug

-I am highly relational, hence the blog (and facebook too!)

- actually considering homeschooling- something I said I'd "never" do!

-happily married to my best friend, Vince, for 10 years! and we've been blessed with 3 beautiful children- Kayla (earth) 8, Malachi (fire) 5 and Colin (water) 3

-all about living an organic and chemical free lifestyle

My Zone -I have a passion to empower women to love their bodies through all the stages (mind and body)- I am a personal trainer- I've just been on a looooooooong vacation (9 years!)

I'm looking forward to meeting all sorts of new bloggers!!

There are lots of prizes and here are a few of my choices

USC#13 $100 gift certificate to Kay Jewellers by

USC#17 $200 apple gift certificate (iphone)

USC#48 $25 gift certifciate (just jewellery by Jessica)

USC#10 "lilac" pendant

Monday, April 5, 2010 at 7:12 PM , 30 Comments

Barefoot Love

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love all things natural... after all I am the poster girl for barefoot and pregnant :-) My latest interest is in all natural body care products. A few months ago, I was visiting St Jacobs and stumbled upon the Olivier Soapery in St Jacobs ( I was immediately drawn in by all the delicious smells and pretty impressed that they actually make a soap that smells like chocolate! Their soaps are olive oil based (rich in vitamins and minerals) and you can actually eat them!! I don't recommend it but they are completely chemical free and safe. Their philosophy is simple- if you can't ingest it, you shouldn't be putting it on your skin. I couldn't agree more- skin is the largest organ in the human body and skin cells are quite permeable, which means substances can seep through easily into the bloodstream. Think about it- scientists designed the nicotine patch because they learned that the skin would absorb it right through the skin to the core of the body. When you use products that contain chemicals in them, your body eventually begins to store the toxins in your body because it can't break them down and that is when illnesses start occuring. Don't agree with me?- check out what is in your shampoos and cleaning products- then do some research to see if the ingredients contain cancer causing carcinogens- let me know what you find!

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