Thursday Thirteen!

13 everyday little happenings that colour me happy!

1) a hot shower finally at 3 in the afternoon

2) a clean pair of underwear!

3) first coffee of the day

4) a good teethbrushin'

5) smooth shaven legs and pits!!

6) homemade love letters/art from my kids (with a kid like Kayla, I get something almost everyday <3)

7) trimmed toenails and fingernails

8) sitting on the back porch soaking up the sunshine

9) smooches and bear hugs from my boys!

10) reading and cuddling with all 3 of my kiddoes for bedtime

11) smell of fresh clean laundry (I use shaklee detergent and it smells sooooo good!)

12) fruit/yogurt/granola parfait for breakfast

13) last but not least- a phone call or mail from family and friends (few and far between!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 8:22 AM

3 Comments to "Thursday Thirteen!"

those are wonderful things!!
send me your address and maybe i can help you with #13 :)

I love coffee first thing in the morning.

Well you had me with all but 12...I like roast beef or chicken sandwiches for breakfast or waffles with real maple syrup :)

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