So not everything in my life is happy and fuzzy...

It's just past the middle of October and up until a few days ago both Vince and I were under the belief that Malachi's social skills and behaviour had improved from last year. We had recently talked about how he seems to have matured and we were happy that all our hard work, discipline and advocating for his needs had payed off.... BUT I finally got a long message on my answering machine a couple days ago from Malachi's SK teacher saying that he had been pushing and hitting increasingly and that he is incredibly smart but is almost entirely lacking in social skills and seemingly is unaware of how to act appropriately with his peers. I was deeply disappointed when I heard the message but I booked a meeting with Malachi's teacher this coming Monday. I thought we'll beat this and find out what his triggers are and how we can help Malachi to get past this. Then today I dropped Malachi off at speech and took the teacher aside to ask if she was experiencing any behaviour or social issues and she immediately responded yes! She went on to tell me about some things that were happening and my heart sunk entirely! I got in the van and cried. Of course I did what was natural, I started blaming myself- trying to figure out where I have gone wrong. Vince came home today and told me that Malachi's teacher had called him on his cell phone- she mentioned that they had concerns from a couple parents and even the bus driver is having issues with him. She said things had gotten worse since she last talked to me a couple days ago. We are exhausted with everything we are doing to advocate for his needs, for his speech therapy and finding solutions.
This is just the short version about what is on my mind today and what I am dealing with. I am going to sit in and observe Malachi in the classroom tomorrow and probably a few days next week to get a glimpse of what is going on with him.

Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 8:47 PM , 2 Comments