HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY to my Malachi!!!
I am still in disbelief that my first born son is already 8, even if he doesn't look it.... sorry Malachi you got your mommas short genes! I am so in love with this boy and increasingly proud of him. This year has been another great year in school, his teacher has reported that his social skills have increased tremendously since september and that everyone in the class loves him (this is the first time hearing that!). She said he has proved to be an exciting catalyst for learning and academically he is thriving. To hear such positive things for the second year in a row makes this mommas heart smile. We have seen him really mature at home and his sweet side is growing more and more. He wants to help ALOT more! He loves helping empty the grocery bags, loves to bake and shows initiative (ex making his brother breakfast) :-) His favourite thing to do is still games- board games, video games, sports games.... games, games, games!! His favourite toy is still his starwars lego sets, he loves to build. Strong-willed, high energy, loyal, thoughtful, perceptive, tenacious, bizarre sense of humour, perfectionist, independent, competitive, determined are just a few words the describe Malachi. He has a colourful personality and brings great joy and humour to our family. Love you Kai! xoxo

Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 1:33 PM

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